Friday, December 17, 2010

Pattern Communities

Message Broker patterns are all about creating production ready connectivity solutions. The value of a pattern multiples hugely the more it is shared, and consequently the more it is used. In Message Broker fix pack 2 we added a significant capability to enable pattern communities. You can see some slides that walk through some of this work here.

Now it is worth saying that a community means different things to different people. For some organisations, a community might be private where patterns are created and shared within a development team. In this scenario, patterns offer consistency and time-to-value.

For other organisations, patterns are a way to deliver capability to the market in an easily consumable form. For example, you might want to develop a suite of patterns for a particular industry or technology area.

With this in mind you might be interested in a new global pattern community - has added a pattern community where you can find, download and share patterns. We will be putting some very cool example patterns up over the next few weeks to help get it started. Why Well communities are all about people, and is where the Broker community go to find answers.

One particular thought to leave you with. We are very motivated to make your business succeed. So you might consider uploading a free starter version of your pattern to In your pattern you can very easily include your own branding and links to your web site where the professional and enterprise versions can be purchased.

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