Sunday, April 7, 2013

Medical Imaging (DICOM) with Message Broker

One of the key things we focus on with the Healthcare Connectivity Pack is to have a single healthcare ESB which can work with a wide range of protocols, standards, transports and formats. This focus is becoming ever more important as healthcare organisations seek to join up more sources of data whether they be clinical, financial or anything else for that matter.

In many healthcare organisations I talk to DICOM has traditionally been kept separate from the main line integration of clinical applications (often using HL7). This legacy is quickly disappearing though accelerated by many factors not least of which is work being done by IHE (for example, the scheduled workflow profile which requires integration between HL7 and DICOM modalities).

The latest version of the Healthcare Connectivity Pack includes support for medical imaging (DICOM). This enables a wide range of high value use cases. The diagram below shows an example walk through of how the Healthcare Connectivity Pack can route DICOM instances to external experts for a second opinion. This scenario comes in various flavours. For example, perhaps you have several radiologists and you want to work load balance between them. Alternatively, radiologists with specialist skills might be geographically dispersed and so DICOM images can be routed to the correct location.

Another use case is to pre-fetch DICOM instances when a patient is admitted to a hospital:

This scenario uses the Healthcare Connectivity Pack to pull down DICOM images to the local PACS so that the right information is in the right place for a patient's effective treatment. These scenarios uses a range of DICOM capabilities including C-FIND, C-STORE and C-MOVE.

I've posted some slides here which walk through all the technical details of the DICOM integration.

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