Monday, April 27, 2015

Data Visualisation

Multi-channel personalisation is just one use of the customer data Celebrus provides. Another equally valuable use of the data is for reporting and analytics. This can vary from high level dashboards for executives, through to deep path analysis in Teradata Aster. Making our data easy to use is a major focus for us. This is especially true with relational databases where data has to be joined across tables, a common cause of errors.

With all that in mind we now provide a simple to use set of data visualisation views. These views sit on top of the standard Celebrus data tables and do all the tricky stuff for you. They make it an absolute breeze to create compelling workbooks, dashboards and reports in whatever business intelligence tool you choose.

Along with these great product improvements we are also announcing our new partnership with Qlik. This is a major step forward for us, putting the right platform and data directly into the hands of decision makers across the business.

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